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Where can I buy Bitcoin or Monero?

If you have no experience with Bitcoin or Monero, we recommend our detailed instructions, to quickly and safely buy Bitcoin and/or Monero for the use in Candyshop.
In addition to online purchasing, it is also possible to buy from Bitcoin vending machines ( From these you can transfer the coins directly to your wallet (Recommendation:

Why do I have to enter a sender address (only for shipping inside germany)?

You have to specify a sender who is ready to receive your purchased goods in case the post office cannot find your destination address or makes any other mistake . In this case your package will be sent back to the sender Address. If the recipient is a "Packstation", you can enter the same postal number as the sender, but a different "Packstation"!

Is my data safe with you?

YES! Address data and shipment numbers are stored encrypted on the server, only we can decrypt the data (during processing) locally.
Orders are automatically deleted after 14 days, therefore it is important to create a support ticket in time if you have not yet received your order within 2 weeks, otherwise we cannot track your order anymore.

How long does the shipment take and where do I see the tracking number?

Your order will only be processed after the respective payment has one confirmation (for Bitcoin) or 10 confirmations (for Monero). We don't recommend to set very low payment fees for your transaction since it considerably increases the payment time.
You can check the status of your order on your Candyshop Profile -> My Orders.
For security reasons, the shipment number is not displayed (it is encrypted on the server) and usually not shown to customers. If you have been waiting 10 days, and your order didn't arrive yet, please open a support ticket Don't open a ticket earlier!

Refund and liability

We are not liable for errors on your part (wrong address, Packstation blocked...) or errors of the post office/DHL (this also includes forwarding to the postal branch). If your Packstation shipment was redirected to a branch, you can request a new delivery here.

For complaints: Delivery to your private residence or collection from a packing station must be filmed without interruption! Therefore, mail with tracking can only be refunded if the delivery is made to a Packstation. Mail without tracking will generally not be refunded.

On the clip we need to be able to see the letter carrier handing you the package, which must not be outside the picture at any point. Then film the package from all sides (especially the shipping label with the tracking number) and open it.
At a Packstation you have to film the display with the parcel number, the opening compartment and the parcel must also be filmed. From this point on, the parcel must also not be outside the picture and must be filmed from all sides before unpacking!